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Dog Handler Specific Performance Training

Elite sports training for the dog sport handler. Online subscription classroom, stand alone modules & FREE resources. Researched and evidenced-based approach to handler fitness and performance, for dog agility and other canine sport disciplines.

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Online Programme

The CPF method is built around 6 components, because improving a small % in each area will see a major improvement overall. Access elite level training that is specific to your dog sport.


Don't fancy subscribing to the CPF way full programme? Choose stand alone modules and pay per view videos in the areas that you are interested in. 

Resources & More

Free & Pay per view resources, blog posts and guest trainers offering you expert advice no matter what dog sport you compete in. They really are experts in their field!

"Subtle but so crucial when you get into the detail with someone as qualified and experienced as Stacy. And all this has a massive effect on how I move, turn, accelerate and run. Thanks Stacy - You are incredible!"

Lucie Hinchley
IMCA Large Gold medallist 2018 & 2019

"Stacy is a great teacher & a lovely person who makes you feel totally comfortable in classes while pushing you physically to be better, I can't recommend her enough, she really knows her stuff :)"

Naarah Cuddy
FCi AWC Large Team Bronze Champion 2019

"Loved the workshop, learnt a lot, cemented some of my own thoughts and to follow my own body and gut feelings. Thank you Stacy, looking forward to a follow on one."

Sam Clarke
Dog Agility Handler

"I have loved Stacy’s workshops so far, I’m really looking forward to having her up to teach again next year. So much information and knowledge bombs 😉 The progression in the 3 sessions with myself and the group has been great and there’s so much more to do. Funny, knowledgeable and excellent at differentiating her exercises for every person, I would recommend everyone to try at least one session."

Sarah Tuck
Dog Agility Handler

"Thank-you Stacy for opening my eyes to why I wasn’t reaching my full potential in my sport of agility."

Dianne Ford
Dog Agility Handler - Canada

"Stacy really is an expert in her field!"


"The best in the business!"

Dog Agility Handler

Attended a Workshop?

If you have attended a workshop you will know there is a ridiculous amount of content covered. You will now have the option to purchase an add on that supports your workshop, so if you have been to a Control Precision Flow workshop you'll be able to access the information to practice at home. The basics of the session will be there for you to access for a limited time, and it is online too so no excuses that your dog ate your homework!

Need more convincing?

Control Precision Flow has been in development and research for over 6 years, handlers from many disciplines, and all levels have worked with its founder Stacy Weeks and had great success. This is not another fitness programme, and don't get me wrong, we can do that, but you require a more specific skills set for the sports you do and CPF is exactly what that is for. If you need more time then pop over and read the blog posts, get to know me a little and see if this is for you. 


Join a new movement

Control Precision Flow is not another fitness programme, it is a handler specific and sport specific performance programme, evidenced, researched to be as individual as you. Informed by handlers for handlers, always evolving and moving with the latest research, handling and technology available.

Affiliations & Publications

Stacy Weeks has written many articles and been featured in several publications, printed and online. She is also a member of various professional organisations


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