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Finally! You made me do it.....

Well I've finally caved in to the growing pressure to put my programme online. For those of you that know, this is a huge step. I have no idea how this is going to grow and develop, but it is happening and I'm scared, which is strangely exciting. I've spent years, 6 to be exact, trying to put the message out there that agility is a two way street, a partnership of dog and handler. Any dog sport is, and it is my hope, overtime, I can help the human part in all dog sport disciplines.

Nearly 12 years ago I came across an advert in the vets for a dog agility class, my husband and I rocked up with Max (our collie x staffie x I have no idea) who is now nearly 17 years old, and from that moment I was hooked, we both were. Only one problem, 1 dog and 2 handlers, so I let my husband train Max and I watched every week, quietly searching for a Border Collie, until one day along came Chace (Brueway Chasing Dreams).

We were warned that one day we would need a van, and we steadily went from 2...

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